WARNING: Many "Satellite TV on PC" Software are Grossly Over-Priced!

More expensive doesn't always mean better quality! I bought a "watch satellite tv on pc" software for $99.95.  Over half the channels weren't working, and the ones that were had poor video quality.  Worse, when I asked for a refund, I found out the seller had no refund policy.  I had to do a chargeback on my credit card to get my money back.

After that, I decided to ONLY buy software from reputable companies that had refund policies.  I bought a total of five "watch satellite tv on pc" type software, and refunded four while keeping the one that offered the best value for my money. Below are my evaluations of the five products - hopefully they'll help you to avoid what I had to go through.    Sincerely, Craig Taylor

RankName# of ChannelsPriceRatingInfo
ISoftwareTV Review3000+$34.95
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Direct PC TV Review9000+$39.95
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Satellite TV for PC Professional Edition Reviewed2800+$39.95
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Satellite TV for PC Elite Edition Reviewed3000+$49.95
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Satellite TV for PC 2009 Titanium Edition Reviewed4000+$99.95
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ISoftwareTV Review

On June 1st, 2008 by Craig Taylor | 2 Comments | Posted in tvonpc-software
# of Channels3000+
Lots of Channels?

Low Price?


Video Quality

Of the 5 software I bought and tried out, ISoftwareTV is the only one I didn’t refund, and for good reasons.

Priced at $34.95, the ISoftwareTV software is the cheapest “satellite tv on pc” type software I could find online. The video quality of most of the tv channels is pretty good – about the same as for the DirectPCTV software – but ISoftwareTV comes with a lower price tag.

Some people may get turned off by the fact that ISoftwareTV has “only” 3000+ channels, compared to certain other software that promise 6000+ or even 9000+ channels. Stop and think for a minute though: will you even have the time to go through all 3000+ channels? How many channels will you have time to watch on a regular basis? To me, 3000+ channels are WAY more than enough, and ISoftware TV is the cheapest TV for PC software. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

However, if having lots of channels appeals to you, then go right ahead and give Direct PCTV and all of its 9000+ channels a try ¨C after all, it only costs $5 more than ISoftwareTV, and you¡¯d be getting 6000+ more channels.

The only downside of ISoftwareTV is that I’m now spending too much time in front of my computer, mostly watching tv series and movies and sports. The plus side though, is I’m saving big on movie tickets and snacks from the theatre – I never really realized how much that was costing me every month until I stopped going.

All in all, I highly recommend the ISoftwareTV program – it costs the least money, video quality is good, and it has more channels than you’ll ever have time to watch.

Did I mention ISoftware TV is my favorite software of the 5? I give it #1 ranking, plus both thumbs up! Click Here to check out ISoftwareTV now.

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